A message from us to you from NYRF weekend 2

NYRF 2016 Weekend 2

If you were at NYRF this weekend, we hope you heeded our advice! 🙂





It was so brutally hot out this weekend! Saturday heat indexes were well over 110°F and it wasn’t much better on Sunday. We hope everyone kept hydrated and had their electrolytes. Watching out for your friends is the best bit of the advice! We like our friends and want them to be happy and healthy.

Here’s hoping weekend three is no repeat of the weather from this weekend.



Overall it was a GREAT weekend though. We got up to our usual shenanigans and had some fun, making the best of the awful weather. Fun was had, even though the Sheriff does not permit fun to be had. Please don’t tell on us!


A Roseseller duel!

A duel of the rosies happened near the end of the day on Sunday. It was pretty epic! (click the pictures for larger versions.)



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