Visiting VT in February is often a snowy experience. This year, it wasn’t as much snow but the -47°F wind chill. The weather was absolutely atrocious. Did we care? NO because we were indoors at the faire, showing face to represent NY!

We had a great time, and I recommend this fun faire in beautiful snowy VT to anyone!

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The Vermont Renaissance Faire 2022 went quite well and is now complete, one for the books!! We had an amazing and awesome time, as usual. It matters not that it was sooooo hot, we’re PROS at this!! It was indeed amazing to see our friends and so nice to meet new ones! We’ll be back next year, of course, so if you can’t make it to NYRF, we will see you in VT next year at this event, or perhaps also at the winter faire that VT Gatherings hosts! We wish you all well in the meantime… BE SAFE AND HEALTHY! -Steve

20220625_104855-960x858.jpg Click to see more images!

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2020 Faire Season?

Hello friends!!

Ah yes, 2020, the faire season that didn’t happen. We’re very sad that we didn’t get to see all our friends this year, and even sadder for the friends who we have lost.

Today would have been the final day of NYRF for 2020, marking a close to our faire season for the year. The pack-up would begin at 7pm, sharp this day. The actual unpack? Usually months later 🙂 Anyway, we’ve been taking some of this time that we’ve got free to work on other projects, so not much is happening in the foundry this year. We have done some cleanup and reorganization, changing things around and whatnot. Beyond these small things, not much is happening for us this year. We have taken some small orders, so if you want something from us, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

While we haven’t done much in the foundry this year, our master artisan at Fellowship Foundry has! Go check his amazing stuff out at Here’s a couple of links to amazing 2020-related items he’s created:

We are quite looking forward to see everyone in 2021. Take care of yourselves and stay safe and well!!

-The Fellowship Foundry NYRF demo crew

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2019 Faire Season!

Greetings! 2019 faire season is upon us!!

VTRF was GREAT this year and we’re looking forward to an amazing NYRF faire season this year.

NYRF starts THIS WEEKEND! Can’t wait to see everyone there! img1 img2

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NYRF 2018!

NYRF 2018 has run its course and has now come to a close. It’s been an amazing season and I thank you all! Here’s some wonderful pictures from this year for you to enjoy! See you all again in 2019! Click through to see the pictures.

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